Wince vs Susskind March 19, 2012

While Richard Feynman (in spirit) and Leonard Susskind poke fun at Philosophers, one such Philosopher Gavin Wince has worked out a stunning application of his Existics equations to both Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The very issues that are made light of and joked about by these two great Physicists Feynman and Susskind is central to what Wince has discovered. “Susskind invites this challenge and I accept!” Says Wince.
Though the philosophical community has tacitly acquiesced both Feynman’s and Susskind’s attacks on philosophy, Wince has a response with remedy… for the Philosophers that is! May the intellect war begin… Wince vs Susskind: March 19, 2012 here on Youtube.

“Susskind! Ready or not, here I come!!!”-Gavin Wince