RESPONSE: Genius Continuum Crackpottery

Killer Critics from Cyberspace… and Beyond the Infinity!

In early 2012, I posted on, what has become, a controversial document. C3: the Canonized Cardinal Continuum. It’s a modified version of an essay I wrote as an undergraduate, while studying logic and the development of the calculus, as part of a special projects course I took while getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. It didn’t take long to draw unwanted attention. Little did I know that this was academic heresy worthy of being ostracized.

RESPONSE: Genius Continuum Crackpottery

On March 21, 2013, Google software engineer Mark Chu-Carroll (“MarkCC“) wrote a slanderous article about this website and its author Gavin Wince. It is one thing to criticize or critique a theory, but it’s down-right malicious to publish, in print (including pictures), an untruth about another person with intent to do harm to that person and his reputation. Though MarkCC may feel he has a first amendment right to state his opinion about this website or its author Gavin Wince, MarkCC is libelous for making false statements. One of which was that Existics is “a body of work by a high school dropout named Gavin Wince”, thus insinuating that Gavin Wince is an uneducated man. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, given that Wince is a Graduate of California State University Sacramento (BA), Certified Pilot from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a Graduate of the University of Philosophical Research (MA). Wince also studied under physicist/mathematician Harold Dean Brown who worked directly with Albert Einstein at Princeton and was the head of the Systems Development Group, Information Science and Engineering Division of the Standford Research Institution (SRI). Dean Brown was quoted by the President of the University of Philosophical Research, Obadiah Harris, stating “Gavin’s the greatest mathematician I’ve ever met” to which Wince responded, “I’m not that good at calculations”. Harris responded to Wince stating “Performing calculations and doing mathematics are not the same thing”. Studying under Brown heavily shaped and influenced Wince’s unconventional approach to physics and mathematics. All of Wince’s college degrees have been publicly posted on this website prior to Mark Chu-Carroll’s slander campaign which has caused Wince to be the target of ridicule, hatred, scorn and harassment. Subsequently Wince has had to spend a substantial amount of time answering questions about MarkCC’s article and the validity of his college degree’s.

MarkCC appears to have selectively plagiarized excerpts from a different critique written about Wince’s work, which he then tactically placed his cherry-picked excerpts out of context in order to misrepresent Wince’s argument using manipulative tactics. MarkCC’s entire article is a disgusting misrepresentation of the mathematics presented on this website. However Wince isn’t surprised at the quick rejection of his new revolutionary theories by some of his peers given that some of the greatest scientists were dismissed as crazy or morons.

Written by Millie Weaver


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