The Black Hole Wars Resume (Part 2)

The Black Hole Wars Resume – the Saga Continues… (Part 2)

“What is the relationship between symmetry and asymmetry in nature? The solution to this problem is more complicated than I anticipate, and to make things even worse there is new data that needs to be considered before I can figure out how to get out of this mess…” Wince

Will Wince and Maxwell ever make it out of the Black Hole alive? Will Susskind, T’ Hooft or Hawking ever find out? Can theoretical physics survive these paradoxical issues?

The Black Hole Wars Resume – The Information Paradox is Back!

May the Black Hole Wars Resume!

The Information Paradox is back; stronger than ever! But this time, with teeth!
Information isn’t disappearing, it’s changing histories over time!

Symmetry can change into other symmetrical forms; asymmetry can change into other asymmetrical forms, but symmetry and asymmetry cannot merge into being the same thing without introducing something into the system. In our case, that would be a New physics.

As it stands, super symmetry and string theory are on shaky ground, and the potential for Existics to surpass these great theories, as a working theory of everything, is at hand.

It’s About Time! The Case for Temporal Dynamics

Gavin Wince explores conventional concepts concerning the meaning of time held by some of the world’s top physicists.

Does it make sense to restrict something as elusive as time to having only one dimension?

Is there room in conventional thinking for extra dimensions of time?