Existics – A Brief Introduction

“Existics is neither the name of a book nor the name of any specific dogma, doctrine or ontology.  Existics is intended and designed to be independent of bias or opinion; an open subject employed to change through the refinement of its terms.  Therefore, in its own right, Existics is the study of the laws that govern existence.” – Gavin Wince

Photo/Video by: Corey Arnold  –  coreyfishes.com

One thought on “Existics – A Brief Introduction

  1. Well I thought that I was having a bad day today, until of course I came across ‘The dark side of time’ on youtube, and then everything seemed to change, because well I’ve never believed that the theories and models that ‘modern’ physics gave us, never seemed to add up to me, and I always pondered that there must be another answer. As an example, Ten or so years ago I was struggling to make sense of the theory of the expanding universe which was brought to us by Edwin Hubble’s observations regarding red shift. This never added up in my mind, so after a lot of thought experiments I came up with my own theory, which nobody I told ever understood. Then this evening I came across your video, by random chance while trying to make my mind less bored. Saying I was on the edge of my chair while I was watching the video, would be an understatement, I am completely in awe that someone else has made this discovery also. I feel 99% sure that we are in agreement and correct in our assumptions regarding the truth abut existence.

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