Final Neutrino Results Confirm Problems with Calculations

On June 2, 2012, Gavin Wince uploaded a video covering his presentation on April 17, 2012, where he predicted that the final results concerning the neutrino time-of-flight data would ultimately reveal problems in the theory of Relativity.

WINCE vs CERN: One Round Only!

On June 8, 2012, CERN released its official final results claiming that the apparent superluminal speed of neutrinos was due to experimental error. Though the neutrino time-of-flight (TOF) was not quit 60 nano-seconds faster than light, the neutrinos on average appeared to travel 6 nano-seconds faster than light. “Contemporary physicists accept this ‘speed’ as consistent with theory,” says Wince, “but I beleive their acceptance is flimsy”. Wince points out that according to theoretical physics, neutrinos have mass. Therefore, not only are neutrinos forbidden from traveling faster than light, they are equally forbidden from traveling light speed. What CERN, MINOS, and the physics community at large states is that the data fits theory within statistical error. This is not a satisfactory answer for Wince as he predicted such an event would eventual occur revealing an inherent flaw within the mathematics used in Special Relativity. According to Wince, his correction for this problem easily accounts for the apparent extra 6 nano-seconds. Though this maybe an extremely subtle point easily considered negligible and “within statistical error”, Wince offers a mathematical modification to Relativity that has applications to this and other anomalies in physics.

WINCE vs CERN: an Encore Presentation

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